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The business "KOTTATIS Natural Products with Mastiha", was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Vassilis and Manos. As part of its role, the company develops its activities in both retail and wholesale trade, in Greece and abroad, with its headquarters located in the "heart" of mastic production, in Pyrgi of Chios.


The philosophy of this family business was based from the beginning on its love for its unique product, mastic. From the production to the release of the products, in each stage of preparation, the two brothers participate.


The scientific team of the company daily researches and applies in collaboration with leading institutes, new herbal ingredients in order to create innovative compositions. All our products use genuine Chios mastic oil and natural mastic in combination with pure and 100% vegetable raw materials. Kottatis Natural Products with Mastiha products are free of parabens, chemicals, dioxins, petroleum products & preservatives.


Both the testing and the production of new products are done at home, while the volume of each batch is enough to allow better control in the family. The secret beauty recipe is found outside, in the trees where the mastic "cries", in the olive oil, in the essential oils and the herbs of the Mediterranean.


The love of the two brothers for both the island and their mastic led to continuous research in order to deepen the knowledge of the product itself and to improve the products in order to meet the most demanding needs of consumers.


Always in line with the needs of the market and the rapidly growing pace of the time, the family business "Kottatis Natural Products with Mastiha" is informed about the latest developments in the technological & production sector, always keeping in mind the study, design and development of new products.

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