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A) For shipment within Greece


All orders are processed the next day and delivered through a courier company in any area of Greece.


Depending on the availability of the products of the order, the products are delivered in your area from 3 working days up to 5 working days. Shipping cost is € 8, with the exception of products of special weight / volume such as cartridges, holsters, suitcases, shrapnel, etc. where a telephone consultation will precede.

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer and NOT our company. This money is automatically added to the customer's account without prior telephone notification from us.

Transport Agency

For bulk or heavy parcels such as cartridge boxes, using the services of transport agents has proven to be the most advantageous option. The specific shipping method presupposes the payment of the order. Prior to the shipment of the products, telephone communication precedes.

B) For shipment abroad & Cyprus

Orders are charged with shipping 25 €.
Orders weighing more than 3 kg are charged by shipping according to the table below:

- up to 4 kg transport cost 6 €
- up to 5 kg transport cost 10 €
- up to 10 kg transport cost 15 €
- up to 15 kg transport cost 20 €
- up to 25 kg transport cost 25 €
- over 25 kg are priced on a case by case basis by arrangement.


Any shipment of products is always preceded by telephone communication with the interested party. For any shipment of products outside Greece, there is always a telephone communication with the interested party


In case you receive a different product from the one you ordered or it has a factory defect, we undertake the cost of return and shipping of the new item if there has been prior written information and consultation on the shipping method or telephone information at the store at 2271083355.

Prerequisites for exercising the right of withdrawal:

1) The product packaging has not been opened and the product has not been used.

2) The product has not been removed from the package with which the courier company delivered it to you.

3) For items that include more specific packaging, such as hygienically related products, their packaging must not have been tampered with or damaged.

4) Do not remove any other labels or markings (eg stickers, brand marking, etc.) that have the products on them.

Also, all items must be returned in excellent condition received without damage, without any defects (subject to the return of defective product), complete and in their packaging (for items received in special packaging - e.g. fragile products - must be returned in their special packaging), and must also be accompanied by all the necessary documents. The product must be accompanied by all the necessary documents proving the transaction.

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